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    Pho- Vietnamese Noodle Soup

    Fresh rice noodle soup is served with beans sprout, basil, hot pepper and lemon

    Pho Large $8.95; Small $7.95

    Choose from 14 pho bowls with different combinations of each meat:

    1. Tái - Eye Round Steak
    2. Chín: Well done brisket
    3. Nạm - Well Done Flank
    4. Gầu - Fatty Brisket
    5. Gân - Soft Tendon
    6. Sách - Tripe
    7. Bò Viên - Meatball

    We also have Chicken Pho (Phở gà), Seafood Phở (Đồ Biển), Tofu Phở (Phở Chay), and also an option with no meat.

    Try our house pho special our Beef Stew Pho (Phở Bò Kho)






    Bún Bò Huế

    Spicy Noodle Soup style wth pork meatball, tendon beef and pork blood.






    Khai Vị


    A-1. Gỏi Cuốn Tôm Thịt $3.99
    Fresh Spring Rolls (Shrimp, pork, and vegetable in rice paper)

    A-2. Gỏi Cuốn Nem Nướng $3.99
    Fresh Spring Rolls (Grilled pork patties and vegetables in rice paper)

    A-3. Chả Giò (4 rolls) $5.55
    Egg Rolls (Deep fried ground pork, shrimp & vegetable in rice paper)

    A-4. Gỏi
    Vegetarian Spring Rolls (fried tofu & vegetable in rice paper)

    A-5. Cánh Gà $5.55
    Vietnamese Style Fried Chicken Wings

    N-6. Đặc Biệt - Bánh Hỏi Chạo Tôm, Nem Nướng
    Freshly steamed thin vermicelli with grilled shrimp wrap around sugar cane, grilled pork patties


    Vermicelli Bowl

    Topping are served with Vermicelli on top of Vegetable bed of Bean Sprout, Cucumber, and Chopped Lettuce, Peanuts adjust to taste of either a condiment of diluting Fish Sauce or Soy Sauce

    B-1. Bún Nem Nướng Chả Giò
    Grilled pork patties, fried eggs rolls with vegetables

    B-2. Bún Thịt Nướng Chả Giò
    Grilled pork, fried egg rolls with vegetables

    B-3. Bún Gà Nướng Chả Giò
    Grilled chicken, fried egg rolls with vegetables

    B-4. Bún Tôm Nướng Chả Giò
    Grilled Prawns, fried egg rolls with vegetables

    B-5. Bún Tôm, Thịt Nướng
    Grilled shrimp and pork with vegetables

    B-6. Bún Bì, Thịt Nướng
    Shredded pork with vegetables

    B-7. Bún Chả Giò
    Egg rolls with vegetables

    B-8. Bún Tofu
    Tofu with vegetables










    Cơm Đĩa - Rice Dish

    Served with steamed rice

    C-1. Cơm Đặc Biệt (Sườn, Bì, Chả, Trứng, Tôm)
    Special Dish (Grilled pork chop, shredded pork, Meat Cake and Prawns)

    C-2. Cơm Sườn Heo (Bò), nem nướng
    Grilled pork chop or beef, Grilled pork patties

    C-3. Cơm Gà Nướng, Chả Giò
    Grilled chicken, egg rolls

    C-4. Cơm Sườn Bò Nướng
    Grilled marinated beef

    C-5. Cơm Tôm Nướng Chả Giò
    Grillled prawns, egg rolls

    C-6. Cơm Thịt nướng hoặc nem nướng
    Grilled pork chop or pork patties

    C-7. Cơm Tofu
    Tofu with vegetables

    C-8. Cơm Sườn bì, Đậu Hũ Ky
    Grilled pork chop, shredded pork and bean curd

    Giải Khát


    G-1. Cafe Sữa Đá $2.99
    Iced coffee with condensed milk

    G-2. Cafe Đen Đá $2.99
    Black iced coffee

    G-3. Cafe Nóng $2.99
    Hot coffee with condensed milk

    G-4. Đá chanh $2.99
    Fresh lemonade

    G-5. Soda Chanh $2.99
    Fresh lemonade soda

    G-6. Xí muội $2.99
    Preserved Salty Plum Drink

    G-7. Chanh Muối $2.99
    Preserved Salty Lemon Drink

    G-8. Sữa Đầu Nành $2.99
    Soybean drink

    G-9. Cam Vắt $3.25
    Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

    G-10. Nước Dừa $3.25
    Young Coconut Drink

    G-11. Nước Ngọt $1.50
    Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Root Beer

    Sính Tố

    Bubble Juice

    S-1. Sinh Tố Bơ
    Avocado Smoothie

    S-2. Sinh Tố Sầu Riêng
    Durian Smoothie

    S-3. Sinh Tố Đu Đủ
    Papaya Smoothie

    S-4. Sinh Tố Xoài
    Mango Smoothie

    S-5. Sinh Tố Dâu
    Strawberry Smoothie

    S-6. Sinh Tố Khoai Môn
    Taro Smoothie

    S-7. Sinh Tố Dưa Gang
    Honeydew Smoothie

    S-8. Sinh Tố Dưa Hấu
    Watermelon Smoothie

    S-9. Sinh Tố Mẵng Cầu
    Soursop Smoothie

    S-10. Thai Tea














    Che $3.49

    1. Chè Ba Mầu
    3 bean dessert with jelly and coconut milk

    2. Chè Đậu Đà Lạt
    White bean with jelly and coconut milk

    3. Chè Đậu Đỏ
    Red bean with jelly and coconut milk